• Intro to Creative Writing
  • Writer’s Workshop – Transgenre
  • Writer’s Workshop – Writing for Performance
  • Writing and Rhetoric I: Culture and Community
  • Writing and Rhetoric II: Rhetorics of Art and Activism
  • Advanced Exposition: Creative Nonfiction
  • Literature By and About Women
  • Intro to Literature
  • Literature course: Intro to Fiction
  • Literature course: Intro to Poetry


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Community and Citizenship in the Computer Classroom in Hybrid Pedagogy


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Course Comments and Reflections

Comp 105

  • This course taught me how to write better essays, work more on my English. Moreover the teacher teaches the course really good and thoroughly.
  • I continued to grow as a writer and got to write about topics that I was passionate about.
  • What I found to be the most valuable about this course was the important writing skills that we learned and how to analyze texts.
  • It was the only class I have where group work is encouraged at all.
  • Being forced to go out of my comfort zone a lot and write more than I was comfortable with.

Comp 106: Rhetorics of Art and Activism

  • It improved my English and my writing exponentially. It will help me down the road.
  • This course allowed me to develop my writing further. Including how to research, use and cite sources in my own writing.
  • Learning to understand the most out of each text effectively I really loved how this class made me look at art in a different way like not just as artwork this class made me actually learn about the deeper meaning not just a piece of art. I also love how straightforward and accessible all of the materials needed for this course. I also really enjoyed how we were able to reply to are peers’ discussion posts. I found this very useful because it was a way to interact with our peers to see if they were thinking and what they picked up on which made me look at certain topics a little differently.
  • I read a lot of great material.
  • I found it valuable to get better at my researching skills and my ability to find peer-reviewed/academic articles.
  • I think what I found the most valuable was being able to engage in art and understand the ways which it could be used as activism. There were several points during this course where we were able to look at different artists throughout the recent years and understand the ways which they have used art in order to spread some kind of message or get a cause out. It was very interesting to me to learn about this and also engage with this through discussions, assignments, and papers. 

Intro to Creative Writing

  • This course helped me further my understanding of both reading and writing creative writing.
  • It gave me firsthand experience in the writing world, as well as explore and develop my own personal writing. It was really beneficial to end up creating my own stories, poems, and portfolios for future jobs and experience.
  • confidence building course
  • What I found valuable about this course is, I learned to be a better writer. I also learned valuable information on my journey and was inspired to officially switch to English.
  • I believe that there was the perfect amount of coursework. It really pushed and challenged me outside of my comfort zone.
  • I enjoyed the educational aspect of reading and reflecting on the material for a better understanding of what the general takeaway could be, and how we then could often view other students opinions on the matter to have a well informed perspective on the different aspects of the course.

Narrative Reflections

Drawing has always been my hobby since childhood. I have always loved to draw, paint, sketch whenever I had time. But I really did not think that art could be so influential. I was really fascinated by the art of various artists like Kehinde Wiley, Nick Cave, and Cara Walker and how they used it to bring a social change in society.”

Some Native people do not want to discuss their ancestors’ history while others find it important to pass on their culture. One article/poem in specific, “38” by Layli Long Soldier really put things in perspective for me. Long Soldier expresses that in the movie Lincoln, the Emancipation Proclamation is portrayed but not the Dakota 38 which happened within the same week. The media tells us only what they want us to know but it also makes me learn what other events were left out of history class. There was an entire unit in American History class about slavery and the Emancipation Proclamation but I never heard about the Dakota 38 until this article.”

The kind of world I want to see for my classmates and others is a world without variants and plagues.  A world where we are not afraid to be too close to others, to feel safe and validated. I want a world with compassion and understanding. I want to see others feel connected to something, to be included in something with meaning and purpose. By thinking of a world for others makes me realize all of the negativity that surrounds us all on a daily. It made me think about covid, mask, deaths, gun violence, school threats and how there is another variant that is said to be just as fatal. … it made me realize that time is precious. I don’t think that my writing can impact the world, but I have read stories/ articles that made a difference on my outlook on life, my appreciation for life and the connection reading and writing can offer in life. I think that writing is powerful, and it can reach a vast audience and make them feel empowered. That’s the beauty of it all.”