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from (re)iterations:

reiterations coverbodies, as in

a girl, in green, a stair case, and a mosaic. I want to cover the light, an echo or planning each new shoot sprouting figure back, backed by lake-scented bubbles, slick shining, awkward ambling like whistles that rewind on the wind. I want to go lolling among fuchsia, dolls on display, doorknob turning over in time. A clue holds fast, a series, donuts or rainbow falter against the shimmer, languid scorn. I want to derive an orange operation, a tale or emotion in a bottle. I want to list each clue like a candle hanging from the end of a sword, sharp and melting.



In A Geography of Syntax Jill Darling insists on a symbiotic relationship between the human and non-human (and thus, crosses out the concept of “nature’) even as these points cannot foreclose the countervailing forces of industrialism, urbanity, and, in general, human culture.  Yes, this is Romantic synesthesia, but the tools of the trade–simile (“these lines/ like flags of improvisation/ wrapped, in a record, surroundings/ resonating like a gift,”), metaphor (“photo reproductions, collage, behind glass/ contained by wooden parameters, who else can speak this,/ with or without the protection of glass”),  metonym (“Particulates/ of a symphony (the one repeated/repeatable refrain)”), synecdoche (“In a space of salt and fog/ violet: a circuit relays individual blades”)  and even pun (“The hysterical moment captures”)–are expertly handled.      –Tyrone Williams, author of Howell, The Hero Project of the Century, On Spec, c.c.            

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“No more than subtext my/your own text under every word only words falling waiting characters wasting letters under your breath above my words over under (knowing something waits under forgets to take) on the opposite of wondering the opposite forgetting, a springboard, no, sill of the flower pot. Placing one letter after another placing one letter after another placing each side by side (cleverly you thought but not this quickly may I remind you) if the pace precedes (I am) each character drifting into singular space taking shape.”

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In Jill Darling’s beautiful small book — what is a book? — a green broken chair or a white wall might be what the speaker walks through, “moves according to,” in order to ask questions of a beloved no longer present. This is writing in the past-future tense, navigating a space of loss even as it records the details of a world unfolding, as in childhood, before her eyes and under the touch of her palm.   –Bhanu Kapil

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poetic voices without borders


This international anthology crosses borders in many metaphorical senses. The edgy collection includes poetry by nearly 150 poets from six continents written in English, French, and Spanish.

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resist much


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intersection of three



at the intersection of 3

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The First Steps are the Deepest

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Sex in the Library is an anthology of nine provocative, text-based performance pieces by members of the Writing for Performance class at Eastern Michigan University (Winter 2012). These texts represent an extensive range of textual and performance strategies examined and actualized over the course of the semester. The texts are captivating on the page: visually, linguistically, syntactically, and in terms of their performative, textual presentations. Each piece further points to its own dramatic realization off the page. From a musical score to an improvisational divination, the work included here is smart and dynamic, serious and hilarious, and of the caliber and genre-busting spirit of great Poets Theater work.

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