Using Sources

using sources (in a 2nd semester, 1st year writing class in which research and using sources is a focus (though not the only focus. The class also has a Community and Citizenship thematic focus.)


Make pages on the web that students can contribute to, to collect and “archive” links to articles and other sources (For a rough, preliminary example go: HERE). Student engagement in collection of texts related to course content. Bring, link, write, reflect on connections between class readings, additional sources, personal reflection and interpretation of ideas and issues.


Use article on Black Lives matter and social media to think about how sources are used in writing. Read through the bibliography and see what kinds of sources are used (eg. USA Today, Habermas on Public Sphere, academic articles  and books on race in America).


Discuss the difference between kinds of sources: peer-review article vs New York Times article, an article from The National Review vs something found on the PBS website, how to use YouTube videos and other “web texts” to supplement and illustrate ideas even if those don’t act as sources that support arguments in traditional academic ways.


Talk about why/how it helps to find sources early. Choose 5 sources and make an annotated bib. that summarizes the main idea(s) and reflects on how the source will be useful in your final project. Make a network map for 3 of the 5 sources (depending on time and level of detail) to show the various layers of reading/analysis of the source. (see Network Map assignment here/TBA).


Reflection assignment: What is the relationship between sources and personal experience, personal narrative, or personal/professional interest in a topic or issue? How does the role of the citizen in the world connect to that relationship (between textual information and personal experience or interest). Write about the connection between these (the textual, the personal, and the social/cultural) in relation to community and citizenship.


in relation to working as a writing center consultant my own expanded relationship to sources may help students to think about sources from different perspectives. How can we as writers, for example, think about sources from a space of (personal (ie. I am the writer of my personal or academic process/product)) writing and engagement (writing/engagement at center of writing) vs as a task/chore of collecting and compiling sources and citations. How can we as writers be in conversation with source material vs slogging through quote after quote or paraphrase after paraphrase…


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