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Radio Conversation with T. Hetzel:


Jill Darling reads  from  a geography of syntax (Lavender Ink 2016). We talk about lyric intervention, topography, Gertrude Stein and movement. Listen Here!

Other Conversations:

“Roundtable: City as Place, Marthe Reed with Amber Atiya, Jill Darling, John Pluecker, And Tyrone Williams,” Something on Paper, Issue 5, Spring 2018 (


Reflections on the New Orleans Poetry Festival. 1508 Blog, Univ. Arizona Poetry Center, 2019.

“Shiny New Up Against The Old: Wendy S. Walters’ Surreal Reality in Multiply/Divide” in Entropy (Jan 2018)

“I am I because my little dog knows me,” or, the rhetoric of (non)narrative (queer)identity in Gertrude Stein’s Geographical History. the quint: an interdisciplinary journal from the north. 9.2 (March 2017).

“A Crisis of Memory: Narrative Form and Identity-Construction in Pamela Lu’s Pamela: A Novel.”  Ethos: A Digital Review of Arts, Humanities, and Public Ethics. Vol 3, No1. 2017

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