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Featured Student Portfolios (from various 1st year writing classes):

Welcome the Immigrants

War On Muslims in America

Answers by K. Cochran

Citizenship and Community


Community and Citizenship


Boundless Thoughts – on service

Right to Quality Education

Citizenship and Internet

Social Media

About the “A” Word

How Do We Think about Climate Change

Activism in Modern Society

Involvement in Community

The Flint Water Crisis

Popular Culture and Activism

Anger Apathy and Oppression

How to Love

Blame the Melanin

Taylor Swift

Social Media: good or bad?

Duty of a Citizen

The Financial Crisis

The Flint Water Crisis

Pay Attention to the Future, Pay Attention to Art

Have You Done Something About Racism?

Confessions of a Teenage Activist

We Are All Equal




Civic Engagement

Organ Donation

Women in Stem

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Culture, Community, and Social Media Fall 2015

Culture and Community Fall 2014